2017 Medal Winners

The game was stratified by ages. But the overall winners of Flight A (13-17 year olds) were also the winners of Flight B (10 -12), two ten year olds, Lex Kappell and Isaac Fishman. Flight C was children 7-9.

Isaac Fishman and Lex Kappell,
1st in A and B

Benjamin and Gilad Avraham,
2nd in Flight A

Steven Borodkin and Adin Moses,
3rd in Flight A

Katie Hwang and Jack Boge,
1st in Flight B

Kira Moses and Ela Kini,
2nd in Flight B

Kevin Dai and Keith Yoo,
3rd in Flight B

Sabine Castro and Robert Kashan,
1st in Flight C

James Kashan and Evan Young (missing),
2nd in Flight c

Avery Mak and Kayla Fan,
3rd in Flight C