Bridge Clubs

Manhattan contains three large open commercial clubs.  Honors, Cavendish, Aces.

All of them run daily daytime games, and offer teaching programs.

Honors is the largest club in the country. It offers a solid evening schedule, a rich teaching program, and games for players of various experience levels.

Aces also offers a couple of weeknight games. Cavendish is daytime-only.

Note that all of them welcome walk-ins and will find you a partner if you need one.

  • Honors (212-230-1230)  133 East 58th, 14th Floor
  • Cavendish (212-876-2196) 1556 3rd Ave/ 177 East 87th, 3rd Floor
  • Aces (212-586-0417) 244 West 54th, Suite 705

The other boroughs are not devoid of bridge clubs —  though only Staten Island is served by a full-time club.

There are a handful of other clubs. Some are tiny part time affairs. Some are invitational (don’t ask, I don’t know) while others are invitational (don’t ask, you might not be able to afford it).

Full list of all clubs in the area  available here.