Post Mortem Spring 2013

Post-Mortem – SPRING 2013
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Message from the President

“Life is a game. Bridge is serious!”

We are happy to be at the Hilton once again for the upcoming May Regional and back on the second floor where the lighting is better. For those of you seeking gold, we have four Golden Opportunity Pairs events—Thursday through Sunday with Bracketed Round Robin Swiss Teams every day. Come and play often.

We’re hoping to get a virtual partnership desk on our website but until we do, if you need a partner for the Regional, come to the Partnership Desk an hour before game time. You can post future requests on our bulletin board.

The two premier events of the tournament are the 2-session Goldman Pairs and the Reisinger Open KO which will end early this year (by May 29th) so as not to conflict with the team trials. These two events have been held each year beginning in 1929 and 1930, respectively. The list of winners is posted on the GNYBA website under the pull-down menu “Winners.” Names from the past include Oswald Jacoby (who invented Jacoby Transfers), Charles Goren, Edgar Kaplan, Victor Mitchell, Larry Cohen and Marty Bergen. For those who need silver, in addition to our three regular STaC weeks (sectional tournament at clubs), we are having three STaC weekends—April 26-28, July 19-21 and Nov. 15-17.

We are excited to be continuing the Youth program started by Mila Antonova two years ago, and the Education Foundation of the ACBL has awarded us a grant. There will be a special session at the Regional for youth (under 17). As our bridge population continues to age, it is imperative to encourage young people to begin playing the game we love so much or it will disappear. The average age of bridge players today is approaching late sixties. It is a wonderful activity to keep the mind active, some think helping to prevent Alzheimer’s, not to mention the pleasure it brings to your life.

We can’t seem to convince many of you to join our Double Knock-outs. We try to run three–the Harter Cup for non-life masters, the Sol Seidman for under 3,000 and the Von Zedtwitz for unlimited points. Someone needs to come along and give the McKellar team some competition. They’ve won the last two years, and you can read about one of their hands in the article on page seven, which was published by Phillip Alder in the New York Times.

Another special event is our Pro Am held in February, this year at the Regency Whist Club. Sadly, although over sixty Ams were signed up, only 26 came because of the blizzard, but those who did had a wonderful time. If you have under 100 points, be sure to come next year.

Hope to see most of our 3,300 members at the Regional!

Barbara McLendon, President
Greater New York Bridge Association

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