The Greater New York Bridge Association (GNYBA) is the representative body for bridge players in our area. We are responsible for promoting bridge and organizing bridge events in Unit 155 (the five boroughs of New York City) of the American Contract Bridge League.

The GNYBA is run by a Board of Directors made up of members who volunteer their time and effort to make bridge in New York City possible. Anyone can volunteer to help at our events. If you’re interested in joining the board or volunteering — or if you have any questions — please contact us through one of the email addresses listed below or talk to any board member.



GNYBA Board of Directors 2016
Title Name Email
Chairman of the Board Peggy Ellis elliscomp@aol.com
President David Moss davidcmoss@aol.com
Vice President Jeff Hearn jeff.hearn@gmail.com
Treasurer Benjamin Weisgnal bw@maverickgroup.net
Secretary Bonnie Gellas bgellas1@gmail.com
Tournament Chair Stephannie Culbertson stephannie.mail@gmail.com
GNT/NAP Coordinator Phillip Lentz plentz@nyc.rr.com
Unit Recorder Bill Begert wmb@corcoran.com
Webmaster David Libchaber dlibchaber@gmail.com
ACBL District 24 Rep, Honorary Alvin Levy AlLevy@aol.com
——————— ———————– ————————-
Jesus Arias zeusarias@gmail.com
Bill Begert wmb@corcoran.com
Michael Berkowitz berkmb5@gmail.com
Jacqueline Chang chang_jacqueline@hotmail.com
Peter Clark peclark40@nyc.rr.com
Stanley Gingold sgingold3@mac.com
Jeff Hearn jeff.hearn@gmail.com
Barbara Hendra bhendra@thehendraagency.com
Uday Ivatury uivatury@gmail.com
Candace Kurtz metsfanster@gmail.com
Francine Levine active212@aol.com
Richard Marchione rmarchione@creativemarketingplus.com
Kent Mignocchi kingofbridge@earthlink.net
Jacqui Mitchell, Honorary
Racheal Moller rhmoller@msn.com
David Moss davidcmoss@aol.com
Magnus Olaffson olaffson.magnus@gmail.com
Sue Picus spicus@mindspring.com
Rozanne Pollack rozanne.pollack@gmail.com
Andrew Rosenthal arrose370@aol.com
Aaron Silverstein aaronsilv@gmail.com
Yoko Sobel yokogluboksobel@gmail.com
Gail Wallach gayla18@gmail.com
Susan Weaver sbweaver@gmail.com
Benjamin Weisgal bw@maverickgroup.net
David Yoon isc2@live.com

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  1. David Libchaber says:

    Sorry for the late reply Jeff. I do not know. I just inherited this project and will get up to speed, hopefully soon.


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