Post Mortem 2011

Post-Mortem – WINTER 2011
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Post-Mortem – WINTER 2011
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Message from the President

“The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Those of you who are new to bridge have no idea how this game can become one of the most important things in your life. Those of us who love the game with great passion want to encourage all of the 3300 bridge players in our Unit 155 to enjoy the game as much as we do.

We are publishing the Post Mortem in the hope that the newer players can be made aware of all the events the Greater New York Bridge Association runs, most under the auspices of our Tournament Chair, Ryan Connors, who took on the job when Peter Bonfanti retired after five grueling years.

The highlight of this year is the Edgar Kaplan Winter Regional, which will be at the Hilton New York Hotel from December 26 – 30. I’m sure you remember the storm last year that hurt attendance and caused the GNYBA to lose quite a lot of money. Sadly, we feel we must increase the entry fee to $20 to help pay for future Regionals. Please come and play often.

Little did Ryan know how difficult it was going to be to find hotel space for our events. The Hilton and New Yorker are not available to us after December. Other hotels are either too small, too expensive, or are also totally booked, hard to imagine in this economy. After looking at over 25 possible spaces, through the efforts of Roberto Verthelyi, we are delighted to tell you we have booked the Park Central at 56th and 7th Avenue for our May Regional.

Throughout the year we have events for every level. Many of us think team events are the most fun and certainly the way to win the most points. We have the Harter Cup for non-life masters as part of the Double Knock Outs, so find 3 to 5 friends and fill out the flyer on page 15. The Betty Kaplan on February 11th is for players with more experience.

The Pro Am on February 10th is a wonderful way to play with a New York Life Master or perhaps an international bridge star. Also that weekend there are two days of silver point events for players with fewer than 200 points.

Many thanks to all the Board Members, Directors, Club Owners and players who have been instrumental in keeping bridge alive and well in New York. See you at the bridge table!

Barbara McLendon, President
Greater New York Bridge Association

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