Post-Mortem 2010

Post-Mortem – WINTER 2010
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Message from the President

“Only a few of us will win championships, but all of us can win new friends. And,
unlike the coveted silver trophies, we keep the friends without having to win them
again and again.” The late Dick Frey, editor of The Bridge Bulletin, wrote these
words in 1960 but they are still applicable 50 years later.

Those of us who love the game and work for the Greater New York Bridge
Association believe these words. We want to encourage all of the 3300 bridge
players in our Unit 155 to enjoy the game as much as we do. Some of you are new
players and don’t know about many of the events we organize. That is why we
have decided to start publishing the Post-Mortem again after a six year hiatus. It
had been in existence almost as long as bridge in New York City—over fifty years.
Now even if you do not have access to our website,, you will
have flyers to study and decide which events would be the most fun for you. If you
have not tried team games, I encourage you to do so. There are games for every
level. The Double KO’s have a Harter Cup for non-life masters. It’s a wonderful
way to get started with team games, which if you are interested in accumulating
masterpoints, is the quickest way. Find 3-5 friends and fill out the flyer on page 12.
We also are determined to keep the Reisinger alive–it is the longest running bridge
event in NYC, dating back to the 30’s. Now I’m not encouraging beginners to try
it because you will be up against the top players in New York, but playing against
them is absolutely the best way to improve your game.

Please try the Pro Am if you have under 50 Masterpoints. You might get lucky and
draw an amazing partner like Jesus Arias or Bill Begert who won his section last
year with a 10-year old newcomer. Try the Betty Kaplan if you are already a fan of
team games.

And definitely come to our Edgar Kaplan Regional held again at the Hilton Hotel
from December 26 – 30. We will be looking for lots of volunteers to help with
Partnership and Prizes, so please get in touch with me or one of our Tournament
Chairmen, Peter Bonfanti or Ryan Connors.

Thank you to all the Board Members who have served, three for seven years, which
is the maximum, and sadly are leaving us.

See you at the bridge table!

Barbara McLendon, President
Greater New York Bridge Association

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