The 2017 Eastern States Regional Tournament

The GNYBA is proud to sponsor the 2017 Eastern States Regional Tournament, which will take place from May 24th to May 29th.  All games will be played at the Wyndham New Yorker Hotel, located at 481 8th Avenue.  For a complete schedule of events, please click Eastern_States_2017

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2 Responses to The 2017 Eastern States Regional Tournament

  1. janet Traynor says:

    I am a new bridge play with only 20 points. I have a partner and we would like to try the newcomer section. How do I sign up?

  2. David Libchaber says:

    Good afternoon Janet,

    There will be a newcomer section at the Regional. All you need to do is come with your partner. and register at the desk. If you have any question Janet, go to the desk and someone will talk with you there.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing you there.


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