May Regional – back at the Hilton

Our next regional:  May 23-28 at the Hilton Midtown (54th & 6th)

And here’s the flyer with details

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Hail Columbia! (University, that is)

The Columbia University bridge team, represented by: Yang Xu (Simon), Jiaheng Hu (Jeff), Max Krawczyk and Jing Zhang, earned themselves a 4th spot – and an all-expense paid trip to Atlanta – to the Collegiate Bridge Bowl which will take place during the summer NABCs in Atlanta.

Full results here.

The first qualification tournament for the Collegiate Bridge Bowl took place Sunday, March 4th. The teams played 8 matches of 6 boards each and Columbia team won 5 of their 8 matches by large margins, losing by a few imps to Georgia Tech and Princeton (which finished 1st and 3rd respectively) and defeating Berkley, which finished 2nd. The Princeton team included 2 up and coming GNYBA players: Nathan Finkle and Sam Berman.

In the next qualification round 4 more teams will go through to Atlanta and then the final 2 spots will be determined via a series of daily BBO games awarding points to individual players (top 2 teams that accumulate most points will get the last 2 spots for the final).

The four players, along with other Columbia students, have been meeting and practicing – with the help of Giorgia Botta and the GNYBA – to improve their collegiate record and bring home the win in the upcoming tournament.

The final event will be played August 2nd through 4th in Atlanta. Stay tuned for results.

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GNT Update

We refuse to be drowned out by news from the White House. We won’t allow it.

Full Results of Flight A & C

GNT Flight C:

Alan Davidson, Scott McDermott, David Linkin, Vicki Apter
Siqing Yu, Karen S. Robbins, Frank Dinoff, Mark Mariaschin, Cindy Scheinfeld


Mindy F. Fleder, Daniel Lev, Leslie Weisbrod, Yoko Sobel
Chris Moh, James Keiger, Jing Zhang, Lee Lin

GNT B Semi-final update :

Trabulus pushes Warren back to the sidelines, advances to finals.

Flight A Semi-finals:

Philip Lentz, David Moss, Christopher Rivera, Thomas Rozinski, Joseph Byrnes
Rachael Moller, Florin Neamtu, Stephannie Culbertson, Cathy Nathan


Sandrea Friedman, Jane Dillenberg, Alene Friedman, Michael Rosen
Magnus Olafsson, Michael Schwartz. Jack Alhale, Herb Freedman

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GNT Open/B ; STAC Feb 9-12

A;CRO;NYM-SOUP, but perhaps tasty

We just wrapped up the GNT “Grand National Teams” – 9 teams entered the Open (“Championship”) Flight. Another 9 entered the “B” Flight.

4 teams in each flight advanced to the next stage after an all-day round-robin at Aces. Next, each flight dukes it out to see who represents our District.

My team came in last, but we would have won a “best-dressed”, but perhaps not a “shaved-most-recently” contest. Results, if you want to see who did what vs who.


Brian Glubok, Samuel Amer, Erez Hendelman, David Gurvich
Sandra Rimstedt, Dana Berkowitz, Raluca Dobrescu, Shane Blanchard, Robert Barrington


Alison Wilson, Chris Willenken, Sam Lev, Michael Polowan, Radu Nistor, Iulian Rotaru
John Rengstorff, Glenn Eisenstein, Michael Radin, Michael Lipkin, Magnus Olafsson, Peter Trenka

Flight B

Norman Trabulus, Charles Bilich, Dina Schechter, David Joseph, Abbott Feren, Mark Blanchard
Mee Warren, James Keiger, Jordan Lampe, Christopher Moh


Samuel Kuang, Zhuo Wang, Jin Hu, Xu Wang
Jared Markowitz, Bruce Neiger, Guy Doherty, Warren Chang

We also recently concluded a STAC – “Sectional at the club”

Want to know who won, who lost?

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The GNT is here. Where are you?

The weekend is here, and so is the GNT ( Open and Flight B only ).

Sunday, 11AM
Aces Bridge Club
244 West 54th St. Suite 705

Winner of Flight B wins a cash subsidy for the inter-District final in Atlanta. Almost makes up for having to visit the South.

Winner of the Open Flight wins bupkis, and the right to hover while the pros stammer out their excuses.

Flight A or Flight C team?
Wait for the 25th, and Honors will in turn wait for you.

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2017 Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney awards

Congratulations to the winners of our 2017 Masterpoint races.

The Mini-McKenney tracks Masterpoints.

The 2017 Ace of Clubs tracks Masterpoints won at clubs.

The 2018 races are in their infancy:

2018 Mini-Mckenney

2018 Ace of Clubs

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