New blood & old blood

Highlights from the recently concluded Atlanta NABC

  1. Andrew Rosenthal’s squad pulled off a #2 in the Spingold KO
  2. Columbia University’s foursome came in fourth in the Collegiate Bowl
  3. Alex Perlin won the NABC Online Individual

So, the Spingold.  Look at these guys.

Andrew Rosenthal's Spingold team

Spingold #2 — Rosenthal


The guy on the far left is David Berkowitz, playing with the woman in the middle. And, presumably, matches. Not that even that would affect Migry Zur Campanile’s game.  Chris  Willenkin far right, paired with Eldad Ginossar (second from left) made up the second pair. Aaron Silverstein (resting his chin on Migry’s hair) and everyone’s pal Andrew made up the team.

I followed this team on Vugraph. All of them obviously all played very well given the outcome, but I want to single out David and Migry for excellent performances, both jointly and individually. Ask David what he did to our beloved Zia with Ax opposite Qx.

Here is the last segment of the semi-final.  Chris and Eldad on board 29!

On to the Collegiate Bowl.  ACBL pushed this event heavily, and was loose with the purse strings, providing free trips, prizes, pre-NABC competitions and what-not.

This is the Columbia University team. The lady in the middle is Giorgia Botta.  That’s Coach to you.

The players are (Simon) Yang Xu, Max Krawczyk , Jing Zhang, and (Jeff) Jiaheng Hu.  I don’t know them, but they’re clearly smart and talented, and I hope to run into them at the bridge table.

Collegiate #4 – Columbia

Alex Perlin won the 3rd NABC Online Individual. I found a nice picture of Alex on some Math site, but I dunno if I can just hoover it up and spit it out here, so I won’t.  Instead, here’s an interview with Alex.

If you’re here, you’re wanting to know how everyone else did.  So, here:  Overall finishes by locals.

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Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney 2nd quarter results

The Races Are On!
GNYBAers earn a lot of masterpoints each year, but who is earning the most? You can see the second quarter standings for both the Mini-McKenney and Ace of Clubs masterpoint races here.

The Mini McKenney leaders are:

The Ace of Clubs leaders are:

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North American Pairs are here:

 2018 North American Pairs Final  October 28th

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Youth Bridge Tournament results

The Youth Bridge Tournament was held on May 27th during the Regional.
7 tables, and here are the results:

mps A B

1.39 Red 1 50.50 72.14 Benji Binday Mason Sklar
1.12 Red 2 1 49.00 70.00 Jack Boge Katherine Hwang
0.84 Red 3 2 43.75 62.50 Isaac Fishman Lex Kappell
0.63 Red 4 3 39.08 55.83 Brad Derfner Connor Wolff
0.47 Red 5/6 4 35.58 50.83 Avery Silverstein Emma-Jane Terny
0.39 Red 5/6 35.58 50.83 Adin Moses Steven Borodkin

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Goldman Pairs

The Goldman Pairs at the Eastern States Regional is bridge’s  oldest continuous 4-session  championship going back to 1929.   This event with a 2 session qualifier on Saturday May 26and Final on May 27 is an amazing opportunity to test yourselves against some of the best players in New York and the  country.    The list of past winners reads like a who’s who of bridge []

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